Our Story | Unisex 100% Natural Perfume – Váhy


Established in 2016, Váhy is a boutique natural fragrance house based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by wanderlust and a desire for balance and simplicity in life, Váhy’s genderless line of perfumes are a modern and subversive take on traditional fragrance.

After many years of scent development and countless iterations, Váhy is a true reflection of refined purity and a ground-breaking plunge into the mesmerising world of niche and natural fragrance. At Váhy, our natural perfumes contain only the most premium,  non toxic and luxurious ingredients. Our natural fragrances are cruelty-free with 100% natural ingredients  that are >80% organic in composition. Our scents are created in Australia with natural materials infused in organic sugarcane alcohol. Every Váhy perfume is IFRA compliant and also complies with ISO 9235 which relates to natural perfumes. This means that our ingredients are derived from plant based materials and we do not use lab made synthetics or other petrochemicals.

We are passionate about providing only the finest quality products at a standard far beyond what is currently prevalent in the market. We are committed to being transparent with our ingredients and you will never find synthetics or terms that have no universally defined meaning like ‘fragrance’ or ‘denatured alcohol’ in the fine print of our perfumes. Our No Nasties list is made up of chemicals and synthetics that we will never use in our products. This includes the over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union, plus additional chemicals screened by Váhy and found to be of concern.

Váhy believes in offering products that are premium, clean and natural, without compromising on the quality or sophistication of our scents.


At Váhy, you will never find these chemicals used as ingredients in our perfumes:

No denatured alcohol

No mineral oil

No petrolatum/paraffin wax

No animal by-products

No animal testing

No silicones

No parabens

No propylene glycol

No ethanolamines





No phthalates

No synthetics

No retinol

No nitro musks

No polycyclic musks

Click here to view the full list of No Nasties, as well as the explanations on what these chemicals are used for and what health conditions they are associated with.

Most commercial fragrances will only list less than 50% of the total ingredients on their labels. At Váhy, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.


Váhy was founded by two great friends, Kate Macdonald and Anna Weatherlake, who both share a passion for exceptionally made products that are natural, organic and cruelty-free.

While practicing as a corporate lawyer and considering labelling requirements for personal care products, Kate discovered the deceptive ways perfume brands hid the chemical ingredients contained in their products. These ingredients were either not disclosed or shielded by ambiguous terms like ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’. Pairing this knowledge with Anna’s tire of routinely exposing her skin to toxic ingredients and her passion for animal rights, Kate and Anna set on a journey to create Váhy and offer a luxurious, natural alternative to commercial perfumes.

After hundreds of scent iterations and tireless hours of ingredient and chemical research, our unique scents were formulated to create the genderless portfolio of Váhy perfumes. With fully transparent practices, Váhy products are refined in their composition and contemporary in their design and offer premium substitutes to synthetic perfumes that do not compromise on quality, scent or style.

Váhy was founded with strong core values and with the aim of encouraging people to transition to a fragrance that is better for self, better for the animals and better for the environment. Through Váhy, Anna and Kate hope to educate and inspire people about the world of natural, organic fragrance and offer luxurious scents that people can trust.

The search for a kind of balance in the chaos of existence.

— Leonard Cohen

Our ethos is centred around the meaning of Váhy and we are committed to the journey of seeking balance in all facets of life. We are dedicated to creating products with passion, integrity and without ever compromising on quality. We respect the earth by using materials that leave minimal impact and we support products that are free from harmful chemicals and use premium, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients.

Váhy believes in creating and delivering products that feel good and look good, but most importantly, are good. Through these foundations and practices, we hope to promote the choice of making ethical, natural and organic purchasing decisions a regular occurrence.