Our Story | Unisex 100% Natural Perfume – Váhy


Vahy was founded by two lifelong friends, Anna and Kate, who both share a passion for clean living and exceptionally made products that are natural, cruelty-free and without compromise.

The founders realised that in most countries you do not have to label what is in perfume products. Both ‘fragrance/parfum’ and ‘denatured alcohol’ do not mean any specific chemical, but instead can compromise thousands of different ingredients which concerningly, have not been tested for safety in personal care use. In fact, the Environmental Working Group reverse engineered the top selling commercial fragrances and found on average 14 ‘ingredients of concern’ in each fragrance. These ingredients include chemicals associated with allergies, hormone disruption and adverse health outcomes (see article here).

Horrified at this revelation, Anna and Kate searched for a 100% natural fragrance that was as sophisticated in scent, as stylish, and as long wearing as their synthetic luxury fragrances. When they couldn’t find anything on the market that was 100% natural and not a compromise or step down in efficacy or sophistication from its synthetic counterpart, they decided to create the fragrance they wanted to buy. After many years of scent development in partnership with one of the world’s leading Master Perfumers, the Váhy range of 100% natural, transparently-made products was born.

The Váhy range has been carefully and painstakingly curated with every detail carefully considered. From the high-quality French glass, black in colour to protect the natural ingredients, to the individual sourcing of each ingredient, Váhy lives and breathes our uncompromising approach to natural luxury.