Every ingredient used in Vahy products is curated to ensure it is of the highest quality, sustainably sourced,organic when possible and the environmental impact of its harvest is minimised. We partner with the world’smost innovative farms, scent artisans and co-operatives to curate and produce our fine fragrances, with ouringredients sourced exclusively from providers that are certified as:

  • UEBT: Union for Ethical BioTrade
  • Fairtrade International
  • GAP: Good Agricultural Practices
  • COSMOS-standard
  • FSA-SAI Platform: Farm Sustainability Assessment-Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform


For our packaging, this is made from recyclable cardboard, and we provide a post-use recycling service. For every empty bottle returned, we will provide you with an AU$65 gift card that can be used on your next 50ml purchase.

Simply take the following steps:

1. Mail your empty glass fragrance bottles to PO Box 9144 Were Street PO Brighton VIC 3186 Australia (please include your name and order number).

2. Email us letting us know so we can send you your gift card.

When received, we will disassemble and recycle on your behalf.




Sandalwood is a high-risk ingredient due to the devasting impact of overharvesting. Our sandalwood comes from a local Australian Aboriginal co-op who sustainably farm, planting 30% more trees than they harvest every year with 16 years of mixed generation trees currently growing. Further, the farm relies on green energy practices and 75% of the water used is recycle but the best part? Goats are used (ethically, of course!) to maintain the weeds and overgrowth on the plantation to ensure it can remain pesticide free.


Our orange oil is extracted from orange peel. To ensureour products are sustainably made with a zero-waste mentality, our supplier upcycles peel from the orange juice trade to make our orange oil. This means that 100% of the fruit is used in a zero-waste production line. Further continuing our strive for sustainability, our orange oil is made using clean energy and water efficient production processes.

orange oil
vahy clove


Our supplier uses a new patented distillation process that is cleaner and generates less water and scent molecule waste than standard processes. This results in the clove notes in our scents being more concentrated, sophisticated, and unique. Additionally, any water waste that is generated during the distillation process is cleaned and returned to the environment.