The 11 Best New Candles for a Cozy Fall Mood - W Magazine

September will always be known as the month of new beginnings: back to school, back to work after a sun-drenched summer, and an overall sense of renewal tends to permeate the fall air each year. This time around, Venus is thankfully no longer in retrograde(good riddance to heartaches and misunderstandings!), presenting an opportunity for a major recalibration of your professional and personal life. To calm and relax you as you make your way back into a regimented schedule, why not try a chic scented candle at home or even in the office? There’s nothing quite like the cleansing scent of a citrus vetiver to refresh the energy of your living space. And what better way to mark these passages of time than by burning a candle with a cleansing/healing element, like palo santo or sage? We have fallen in love with 11 new candles that recently launched—and are perfect to usher in the cozy mood of the season.


Herbal notes of salt, wood, patchouli, and citrus keep this clean luxury brand’s newest candle invigorating and not all over the place with redundant notes. It’s an ideal candle choice for those who want more of a cleaner, more verdant vibe rather than sweet florals. There are subdued coconut notes and golden amber here that provide just the right amount of warmth.

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