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'Only Natural' Article in the Australian Financial Review By Lauren Sams.

We want to be transparent [with our ingredients] because we have nothing to hide

– Anna Weatherlake, Vahy

When Anna Weatherlake and friend Kate Macdonald set out to create an all-natural fragrance line, they couldn’t conceive of the difficulty that lay ahead. “The door was slammed in our faces a lot,” Weatherlake says. “Natural ingredients are rarer, and much more expensive and tricky to use.” 

To wit: synthetic Bulgarian rose costs about $2 a litre; the natural form can be up to $14,000. It took them four years to create six fragrances but now, their brand Vahy works with perfumers who have done time with Tom Ford, Lanvin and Givenchy, and uses more upcycled materials (like orange oil from the juice industry). 

“Fragrance companies don’t have to list their ingredients, and so there is a lot that’s hidden,” says Weatherlake. “We want to be transparent because we have nothing to hide.” 

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