The Art of Scent Layering

In the era of quiet luxury, having a scent that is unique to you and not mass market is the ultimate indulgence. You can achieve this by layering your favourite scents to create your own bespoke blend. 

But the big questions is how to choose the best scents to layer? Just like oil and water, some scent notes just don’t go and others create an unexpectedly wonderful duo (hello olive oil coffee). The best advice is to dive in, experiment and have fun with the process. There are endless possibilities, so enjoy the journey and experiment until you find a combination that you love.

Our top tips for a wonderful scent layering experience are to think about the scent families (ambery, woody, fresh or floral) and how they might work together, and to start with just two fragrances. Start with the more base note heavy scents such as woods and deep ambers, then layer on lighter florals and fresh scents. 

We know this process can be overwhelming and if you’re anything like us, you’re time poor, so we’ve put together our favourite layering duos below for you to try for yourself. 


Woods and Amber

Tarkine + Ember Haze

Tarkine has strong notes of mixed woods, velvet, vanilla, and smoky vetiver. When you layer Ember Haze on top, the ambery and lightly spiced notes add a beautiful depth, warmth, smoothness, and almost syrupy feel to the layering pair. They meld perfectly together.

Woods + Peppery Rose

Tarkine + Midnight Ruze

When these two are layered, MR keeps its beautiful top and heart notes of pepper and rose, but these are edged to the more sensual with the nutmeg and additional smokiness. The addition of Tarkine adds depth, smoothness, and greater complexity to the woody base notes. These two scents seamlessly intertwine.

Neroli + Citrus

Neon Neroli + Isle of Blanc

Isle of Blanc is modern, light, aquatic with crisp fresh citrus notes. When layered with Neon Neroli which has deeper, sweeter, solar white florals, it lifts Neon Neroli from a heady summery scent to one that is lighter, invigorating and refreshing while still staying true to the sweetness and white florals.

Pro tip: Ratio of 2:1 of Isle of Blanc to Neon Neroli for best results.

Explore our favourite layering duos here or purchase a Sample Set so you can continue your scent layering journey and find a combination that is perfectly you.

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