These are the only Fall and Winter fragrances we want to wear right now - Fashionista

A full rundown of our favorite scents this cozy season — for every olfactive preference.

Fall is like a fever dream for fragrance lovers. Why? Well, it's a transitional season where the weather starts to cool down and we all break out our warmest, coziest scents to wrap ourselves in, like an oversized peacoat.

Plus, to many, fragrance makes the perfect gift for loved ones (which is risky, but that's for another article) and brands know this all too well, so they save their biggest launches for the end of the year to ensure that they top everyone's wishlist.  But who cares about others when there are so many beautiful new fragrances to smell? Yes, it is better to give than to receive, or whatever, but you know what's best of all? Smelling good. Cozy season is the perfect time to do a little fragrance shopping and treat yourself to a new obsession. And there's no reason to limit yourself to the spicy, sensual fragrances that are often associated with the colder months, either.

Ahead, we've compiled our complete guide to must-know scents of the moment, featuring a slew of enticing new fragrances that span every scent family — as well as a few eaus that launched earlier this year, but that fit so squarely into autumnal vibes we couldn't overlook them.

Woody + Leathery

We'll start with the most seasonally "appropriate" category — even though we stand firmly in the "just wear any scent whenever you want to" camp. These are the warmest, smoothest, most comforting fragrances to lose yourself in now that the weather has started to cool down.


The fragrance industry as a whole seems to be in its vanilla era right now. And there's a good reason for it: Gourmands are always in style. Smelling a sweet scent on the collar of your sweater is the perfect way to spend the autumn and winter months, and these picks are perfect to satiate your sweet tooth until spring. 

Fresh Florals

You can never go wrong with a classic. Whether you like a traditional floral or something more imaginative, these scents completely rethink flowers in a way that feels fresh, modern and innovative. 


Earthy scents can be pushed or pulled in so many different ways, from deep and rugged to fresh and aquatic. These interpretations will keep you guessing and offer something perfect for year-round wear, no matter what season you find yourself in.


There's never a time when a fruity fragrance is not perfectly appropriate. They can be sweet, natural, sensual and fun — we recommend leaning in with abandon.


And now for something a little bit softer. Musks are a comforting, skin-like, familiar family for those that want a subtle little something extra, and these offerings are some of the season's best.

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