Plastic Neutral Program

At Vahy, we’re proud that we’ve become plastic neutral! Our natural scents are not only sustainably sourced but now you can have comfort that for every gram of plastic used in our products the same amount of plastics are removed from the oceans and waterways.

What is Plastic Neutral? And how is plastic neutrality achieved?

But what does plastic neutrality mean? Carbon neutral is a popular term, but plastic neutral is less so. Being plastic neutral means that we have carefully audited and measured the amount of plastic we use in our range, then we have removed an equal amount of plastics from the natural environment. For every gram of plastic we use, that same amount is removed from our oceans, waterways and areas where plastic is at high risk of entering the ocean. Our charity partner who undertakes the plastic removal is one of the largest plastic recyclers in the world operating from 12 locations with 185 crew members and their boats are on the water collecting discarded plastic debris seven days a week.

The plastic collected is recycled and adapted into other products responsibly.  Plastic neutrality is incredibly important to the environment as it both enables companies to move to circular packaging solutions (reducing the use of single use plastics) and aids in waste management in pollution hotspots.

Plastic neutrality’s main mission is to prevent plastic from entering the oceans and other natural habitats. Leaving plastic in these bodies of water enables them to degrade and breakdown. Removing this plastic from the ocean reduces this process and removes future microplastics from our oceans and aquatic life.

Why not just stop using any plastics?

In every part of our products we have removed the use of plastic where possible and reduced plastics where removal is not possible. Unfortunately there are some smaller aspects of our packaging (for example, the dip tube inside the perfume bottle) where we have been either unable to source a non-plastic alternative at all or we’ve only been able to source one that has a material impact on the functionality of the product. To minimise the impact of these parts, we’ve measured out the size and impact of these components and remove equivalent amounts of plastics from the environment.


What other environmental causes do you support?

In addition to our plastic neutrality, we are proud to also support the following environmental measures:

  • 1% For The Planet: meaning that 1% of our revenue (not just profit) goes to environmental causes.
  • I = Change: $1 from every purchase goes to charities that support the seas, land and wildlife. 

In addition, in all aspects of our ingredient sourcing we only use providers who are certified as using sustainable and ethical practices.