Mother’s Day Gift Guide


A touch of (quiet) luxury

Ember Haze: Amber, Vanilla, Woods.

Inspired by fireside evenings in cosy log cabins and alpine resorts. Decadent, warming and luxurious.

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

Beach babe

Isle of Blanc: Citrus, Marine, Salt.

Cloudless skies, shimmering seas and salty skin at Bondi Beach and endless summer.

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

True romantic

Midnight Ruze: Peppercorn, Rose, Vetiver.

A curious, decadent scent that dances between shadow and light. An ode to midnight in Paris.

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

Adventure Seeker

Desert Nomad: Mandarin, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Find yourself in the tropical desert oasis of Fortynine Palms in Joshua Tree, immersed in the warm air and palm leaf shade.

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

Nature lover

Tarkine: Vanilla, Velvet, Woods.

Inspired by the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania, this scent will evoke a journey through the mystical, transcendent  vegetation of the Australian Tarkine Rainforest. 

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

European jet-setter

Neon Neroli: Bergamot, Neroli, White Flower.

Italian summer in a bottle, Neon Neroli will whisk you away to La Fontelina and seaside lounging in Capri.

Available in 50ml and 10ml glass bottles.

The hard to buy for

Balanced Encounter Set: 6 x 2ml fragrance sprays to explore the range, and experiment with scent layering.

A beautiful gift set for the hard to buy for, or for those new to VAHY.


Interior's addict

Room Sprays: Ember Haze, Tarkine, Isle of Blanc.

Elevate your space with 100% natural botanical aromas.

Available in 100ml glass bottles.

The collector

Lava Rock Diffusers: Ember Haze, Tarkine.

Unique Tasmanian Lava Rock home scent diffusers, metal bowls handcrafted in Melbourne.

Included as a free gift is a 15ml | 0.5 Fl Oz natural parfum oil dropper so you can refresh the scent as needed.

R&R enthusiast

Scented candles 

Indulgent 100% natural, soy wax candles with lead-free wick. 

Approximately 40 hours of intensely fragrant burn time.

Available in all signature Vahy scents.

Still a little unsure?

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