Scented Candle Tips

1. Avoid short burns

Let the candle wax completely melt from rim to rim, to help prevent tunneling (don’t exceed four hours). If not completely melted from rim to rim with each burn, the wax will struggle to pool beyond the circumference of the previous burn, making the wick sink deeper while the edges of the wax will go to waste!

Our 100% natural soy wax candles have approximately 40 hours of fragrance burn time, and we want you to enjoy every minute. 

2. Trim the wick

Keeping the wick of your candle trimmed will help with even burning, a bright flame, and to reduce smoke. Let the candle cool and harden completely, turn the candle upside down and take off the charred tip of approximately 4mm. Don’t take off too much, less is more here.

Our candle wicks are lead-free so you can enjoy a home fragrance that’s better for your health, and for the environment.

3. Burn away from flowing air

Burning your candle near an open window, or fan, may cause the candle to burn unevenly and smoke. 

This smoke can also leave pesky black marks inside your glass candle vessel, which we would all agree is rather unsightly. 

4. Safety first

Last but certainly not least, you should never leave a candle burning unattended, near a draft, combustibles or sitting on material that can melt or be affected by heat. And always keep your candles out of reach of children and pets. Play it safe, and enjoy!