Fragrance with benefits: The power of essential oils

For centuries, people have used essential oils – concentrated plant extracts capturing a plant's essence – for various purposes, including beauty, fragrance, and wellbeing. Today, aromatherapy using these potent oils are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, offering natural alternatives for modern concerns.

You’ll find a number of pure essential oils in Vahy’s home and personal fragrance range. We draw these essential oils through extraction methods such as distillation and blend into our scents to craft fine fragrance with the added benefits of aromatherapy. 

From the uplifting buzz of lemon oil, to the calming aroma of bergamot, we’ve outlined which of your favourite Vahy scents may help boost your mood, soothe your nerves or increase mental alertness.

Uplifting Notes

Lemon Oil

In scents: Isle of Blanc & Luna

Lemon oil, known for its uplifting aroma, boasts an impressive range of benefits. Studies suggest it can elevate mood, enhance focus, and even ease anxiety and depression. It possesses antibacterial properties and may aid in wound healing and its cleansing and protective effects may help the body eliminate toxins, promoting overall well being.

Calming Notes

Bergamot Oil

In scents: Ember Haze,  Neon Neroli, Desert Nomad, Luna & Isle of Blanc

Bergamot oil offers a calming influence. Research shows it can reduce anxiety by influencing brain chemistry, leading to improved mood and potentially lowering blood pressure.

Sweet Orange Oil

In scents: Neon Neroli, Desert Nomad, Midnight Ruze & Isle of Blanc

Sweet orange oil possesses antibacterial properties and research suggests it can reduce anxiety and lessen pain.

Cedarwood Oil

In scents: Ember Haze, Desert Nomad, Midnight Ruze & Luna

Cedarwood oil, possessing both antioxidant and antibacterial properties, may promote relaxation and sleep while uplifting mood. Its anti-inflammatory qualities may also help alleviate joint and muscle discomfort.

Lavender Oil

In scents: Isle of Blanc

Lavender oil may promote relaxation and sleep, while also offering pain relief.

Focus-Promoting Notes 

Sandalwood Oil

In scents: Ember Haze, Desert Nomad & Midnight Ruze

Sandalwood, famed for its rich, woody aroma, offers multifaceted benefits. It is traditionally used to help manage anxiety and may support wound healing. Studies suggest it can promote deeper sleep and enhance mental alertness, making it a valuable tool for focusing during meditation or everyday tasks.

Essential oils offer a natural approach to enhancing well-being. From uplifting moods to promoting relaxation and sleep, these powerful plant extracts can be incorporated into your self-care routine for a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

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