/‘ Váa-hee/


Our Ethos


We are seeking balance in so many facets of our lives:

  • Balancing work and life;
  • Balancing giving to your friends and family with self-care;
  • Balancing making consumption decisions against making ones that are as good as possible for self and the environment.
Vahy natural perfume
Vahy Natural Perfume

How we live our Ethos

The search for a kind of balance in the chaos of existence.

— Leonard Cohen

Our ethos is centred around the meaning of Váhy and we are committed to the journey of seeking balance in all facets of life. We are dedicated to creating products with passion, integrity and without ever compromising on quality. We respect the earth by using materials that leave minimal impact and we support products that are free from harmful chemicals and use premium, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients.

Váhy believes in creating and delivering products that feel good and look good, but most importantly, are good. Through these foundations and practices, we hope to promote the choice of making ethical, natural and organic purchasing decisions a regular occurrence.

Vahy natural perfumes