Muse Series: Terri Vinson Jones, Founder of Synergie Skin

This week on Muse Encounters, we're excited to present an exclusive interview with Terri Vinson Jones, the visionary founder of Synergie Skin. As biologist and cosmetic chemist for over two decades, Terri has revolutionised the skincare industry by emphasising transparency, education, and effective formulations. Her journey began at a crossroads in her life, where she identified a gap in the market and seized the opportunity to create products that empower users with knowledge and results.

Terri's passion for blending science and nature shines through in every product Synergie Skin offers. Her commitment to safe, ethical, and potent skincare has earned her a dedicated following. In this interview, Terri shares the inspiration behind her brand, her proudest personal moments, and her top tips for achieving glowing skin. Join us as we delve into the mind of a skincare pioneer who is redefining beauty from the outside in.

What inspired you to create Synergie?

Almost two decades ago, I was at a crossroads in my life and knew I was on the verge of monumental change. I felt the skincare industry was missing three key components – transparency, educating customers with a relatable but scientific understanding of ingredients and providing formulations that truly make a difference. As a biologist and cosmetic chemist, my aim was also to make people feel educated and in control of their skincare choices.

I have always been deeply compelled to inspire, create and deliver and Synergie Skin was the result. I created the range to offer highly active, safe, and ethical skincare products that do so much more than make a difference to their skin – that skin boost on the outside results in confidence radiating from the inside!
I’m often asked, why did you name the brand ‘Synergie’? Synergie Skin embodies the synergy between science and nature, the synergy of potent, active ingredients and the delicate nature of skin cells. It also encapsulated the synergy and balance of all the ingredients in my formulas that work in harmony to create the most effective product.

As the founder and formulator, Synergie Skin is a celebration of empowerment, the bold spirit of innovation and confidence from the outside in.

What is your proudest moment to date?

Seeing my two children grow into incredible young adults. They keep things real and often call me out with love and respect. I constantly learn life lessons from them and I know I am a better person for having them in my life. I was also overwhelmed with pride when my son gave me away at my wedding 2 years ago.

What is your fondest scent memory?

I love that the sense of smell evokes such powerful memories. There are two powerful memories I have based on scent. The smell of my father’s leather briefcase takes me back to my childhood, eagerly waiting for him to arrive home from work. The familiar smell of old leather, newspaper and beeswax takes me back. 

My first French perfume purchase was also one of my fondest scent memories. I worked at Myer when I was at university and I saved up to purchase a special perfume, Miss Dior. I felt so sophisticated and still love it to this day. 

What is your favourite scent type to wear? (doesn't have to be brand specific, can be scent family and scent notes etc)

I love the floral top notes of frangipani, tuberose, gardenia and lily-of-the-valley. I’m also drawn to the deeper notes of sandalwood and vanilla as well as the floral citrus scent of Neroli and often use this in my formulations as it is both uplifting and anti-inflammatory on the skin.

With greater focus and consumer expectation on ‘clean science’ we must also expect greater transparency in our industry regarding ingredient sourcing, manufacturing processes, and our environmental impact.

– Terri Vinson Jones

What is your top tip(s) for glowing skin?
I firmly believe that the foundation of healthy skin lies in a strong barrier. This is created by a number of essential skin processes including reducing inflammation, building all the structural components of the epidermis, maintaining skin hydration and having a balanced skin microbiome. Your barrier is the number one defence system against environmental stress so it must be nurtured and protected.

Here are my top five active ingredients needed for a healthy skin barrier: 

1/ Prebiotics such as inulin to feed the good skin bacteria

2/ Post-biotics which are the beneficial substances that the good bacteria, rather than the bacteria themselves. I don’t use live bacteria in my formulations as they do not remain active in the product due to the addition of essential preservatives. Preservatives are added to kill all bacteria so whole bacteria as a probiotic in a product will not deliver any benefits.

3/ Niacinamide/Vitamin B3. This essential vitamin is the great multitasker as it builds all the important barrier proteins, reduces inflammation, improves skin immunity and increases ceramide production to prevent dehydration. I personally cannot survive without this ingredient in my daily routine!

4/ Hyaluronic acid in a variety of forms as different weights of HA reach different levels of the skin and have different benefits.

5/ Vitamin B12.This is the miracle pink vitamin which is able to signal the skin to regenerate and it also great for irritated skin.

In your opinion, what is the next big trend in skincare?

I see the boundary between skincare and internal wellness blurring in the future. Consumers are seeking more holistic approaches to health and beauty. As a self-confessed biohacker, and a woman of many birthdays (and wisdom), I see the future of skin health as the embodiment of total healthspan where the outside will reflect the inside and vice versa.

With greater focus and consumer expectation on ‘clean science’ we must also expect greater transparency in our industry regarding ingredient sourcing, manufacturing processes, and our environmental impact.

Bust a skincare myth for us!

Collagen in skincare makes no difference to skin health. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that adding collagen to skincare will improve skin quality or health. Collagen molecules are extremely large and cannot be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. They just sit on top of the skin as a film and have no activity.

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